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Adele's Crystals

Hi im Adele from Adeles crystals and jewellery. I like to belive that everyone should own a crystal and i do my best to help a person find the right one for them. Im always here for a chat, advice or any help if needed.

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Spirit Earth

Spirit Earth sell a wide range of pagan, wiccan and smudging goods.

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Oilfaction - Mel Foot

We sell high quality essential oils, roll on blends, chakra and room sprays, car diffusers and more.

Day Mansfield Feb Crewe Feb Trowell Feb Belper June 

Evening Mansfield Feb Ilkeston April

Amazonite Griffin

A range of enchanted products created through the study of alchemy, herb lore and crystal healing to help make the dark days brighter ranging from candles, aura sprays to bath salts the best thing is everything contains a crystal.

Day Crewe Feb Trowell Feb Doncaster April Mansfield Sept  Stoke Sept Belper Dec

Evening Mansfield Feb & Sept

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Andrew Harby - Frequency 101 Deeper Inner Connections 

Source is who I am, god frequencies I tune into, the divine help the souls that need healing and they are offered to the divine doorway which I am the Gate Keeper. 


While the divine is healing you, I am standing guard and assisting with the process that the divine asks me to assist with the individuals Hologram.

 I may remove etheric implants. I may shift energy where energy needs to be placed within the body mind spirit.


I am the gate keeper and my job is to deliver the troubled souls to my father the divine.

Day Mansfield Feb Both Crewe Both Stoke Both Doncaster Belper Dec

Evening All Mansfield Ilkeston Sept

The Urban Warlock

I'm Richard, aka The Urban Warlock. I'm a psychic medium and intuitive tarot reader. Outside of events I also offer spirit/entity/curse removal, house cleansings, and past life regression. For my readings I offer an honest approach and advice for you to then navigate the situation. 

Day Both Mansfield Both Stoke Both Doncaster Crewe July Belper Dec 

Evening Both Ilkeston Mansfield July


The Witch's Heart

A witchcraft store, specialising in handmade witchcraft supplies. We offer a range of ritual candles, for single spells and long-term workings. Whether you are a beginner looking for books or spell kits, or an advanced practitioner hoping to expand your practice, we hope you can find something magickal here.

Day 1st Mansfield, Crewe & Stoke

Jacqui De Rose Art

Jacqui is a nature based artist influenced by the folklore and ancient mythology of the British Isles. She specialises in Fantasy Portraits and exhibits all over the country with her original paintings, fine art prints and hand painted wooden offerings. to find out more, please check out her website

Crewe Feb 24

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Alison Dean

Alison Dean - Trust in Spirit Book Reclaim life and Transcend Do you want to know what life will be like in Spirit? Learn about what you will being doing in spirit when you leave your earthly body. Did you know you do not die life carries on in spirit. Join me and listen to what many spirits from all walks of life have to say about many subjects around life on earth and in spirit 

Day Both Trowell Both Stoke Burton July Mansfield Sept Belper Dec

Evening Both Ilkeston

AJS Creations

Hi I'm Amanda, owner of AJS Creations. I make pagan inspired items of jewellery, boot charms, fridge magnets and incence sets, as well as keyrings, phone holders and car charms. Everything I make is made with love for the product. I also make custom requests to order. 

Day Mansfield Feb Both Doncaster

Amethyst Moons.jpeg

Amethyst Moons

Beautiful, genuine and ethically sourced crystals. As we only use a couple of trusted suppliers you can be assured that your crystals have been hand picked for their quality. People often comment that our crystals have wonderful energy and feel “loved” and that means the world to us. We also have a range of Tarot/Oracle Cards. 

Day Both Stoke Doncaster April Crewe July Mansfield Sept 

Heaven To Earth with Andrea Bittencourt

Andrea's readings are inspirational and can help put your life situations into perspective. Using her intuitive gifts, extensive training and spiritual tools, Andrea works with the angels & her spirit guides to bring support and divine guidance. She reads with empathy and compassion and aims to always bring healing with a little bit of light humour where appropriate. She is taking bookings in advance and can be contacted via or 07885 229 215 

Day Both Crewe 24 Both Stoke


Angelic Wings Therapies

I am Anne of Angelic Wings Therapies, Based in Ossett, near Wakefield. I love anything Angelic , an Angelic reiki master and holistic therapist, I sell inspirational books, angel/ oracle & tarot cards, aura sprays and beautiful archangel orbs and glass hearts. I look forward to meeting you. 

Day Both Doncaster Both Belper

Art To Inspire

Deborah of Art To Inspire is a spiritual artist! Be in awe of the angels and be swept away with angelic energy. 

Day Both Doncaster


Crystal Dragon Energies

Hand made crystal bracelets to support illness and ailments for health and healing of the body. Zodiac bracelets, rings and necklaces. Other bracelets for decorative and useful purposes 

Day Crewe July Retail

Day Crewe Feb Both Stoke Reader

Awakened Soul

Awakened Soul offer a range of Celtic & Shamanic products from Shamanic drums, Tarot/Oracle decks, variety of sage and crystal power animals and much more. Also ask us about our Celtic Reiki and Shamanic drum healings. 

Day Mansfield Feb


Broad's Handmade

Broad’s Handmade - We specialise in bespoke resin products and keepsakes and also make personalised gifts too 

Day Both Mansfield, Both Trowell, Both Belper, Burton

Congeries of Sound - Darren Clarke

I do sound treatments using tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs and vocal's. this is a unique treatment, taking you into a healing meditation.

Day 1st Crewe Both Stoke Both Belper 2nd Mansfield

Evening 2nd Ilkeston 3rd Mansfield

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Natural Self with Dave Green

I have been an Intuitive Reader and Spiritual and Holistic teacher for over 30 years, I offer free basic training and support for all people starting their spiritual journeys. My readings are focused on the present and future - but also offer past life and mediumship insights should i be made aware of them 

Both Crewe Both Stoke Both Doncaster Both Belper 2nd Mansfield

Feet First Reflexologyy

Offering Clinical Firm, No Chattin..Just Relaxin Reflexology Treatments as either a taster session or full treatment. Reflexology is useful for many conditions of the mind, body and spirit, stress, anxiety, physical or emotional trauma, digestive disorders, sleep, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, fertility, PTSD, Fibromyalgia and so much more. 

Day Both Mansfield Both Trowell Both Stoke 1st Doncaster 1st Belper Burton

Evening All except 2nd Mansfield


Sutton Healing Centre with Elaine Chadbourne

Enjoy Reiki & Reflexology with Elaine Chadbourne

Day Both Mansfield Both Doncaster Both Belper 

Evevning All Mansfield


Handmade Reiki & Spiritually inspired gifts & homeware including Wall hangings, buddha heads, crystal Keepers & pouches, tarot/oracle card wraps, dream catchers 

Day Both Mansfield Both Doncaster Both Belper Burton

All Evening Events

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The Holistic Hut

Holistic products to restore wellbeing, along with a range of beautiful handmade products.

Day 1st Doncaster

Ginger Pig

Ginger Pig - An eclectic mix of pre loved books, oracle cards, crystals etc.

Day 1st Crewe

Black Elegant Astrology Logo.png

Jacqueline Kent Coaching 

Jacqueline is passionate about helping Midlife women fall in love with their beautiful selves and shift from feeling 'meh' to feeling Magnificent. Using her unique HEARTfelt approach she helps you move from just existing to living your life, learning how to reconnect with who you truly are as you go. 

Both Mansfield Both Trowell Both Doncaster 1st Belper

Jane Osborne

Your soul is more powerful and smarter than you envisage. Using Past Life Regression connect the missing pieces in the jigsaw of lives. Align with your purpose, your passions and what makes you feel whole. Your soul is waiting for you
to say hello.

1st Stoke Both Doncaster

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Utility Warehouse with Joe Bloomer

Utility Warehouse is not only an ethical and green company, it is currently the cheapest provider of all essential utilities in the UK. So whether you need to save money or earn money, Utility Warehouse can help

2nd Doncaster

Julie Elizabeth

Julie Elizabeth - I was born in the beautiful historic town of Belper. I've been giving reading now for a number of years, using my spiritual guides the Tarot and Runes to give a clear reading to the clients. 

Day Both Mansfield, Both Trowell, Both Doncaster, Both Belper

Evening 2nd & 3rd Mansfield 2nd Ilkeston


Natural Rays with Julie Lloyd

Natural Rays – Reiki Healing Julie comes to our MBS shows offering you quality me-time by channeling Reiki healing. Do you need to release stress and anxiety, improve your sleep? This energy will leave you feeling truly relaxed, de-stressed and peaceful.  

Both Mansfield Both Trowell Both Doncaster

Art & Craft of KLS

Art & Craft of KLS sell handmade crystal jewellery (Necklaces, bracelets, earrings) & wellbeing keyrings. One to One Tarot Card reader. 

Both Crewe


Rainboweye Healing

The benefits of Meditation and Energy Healing. Demonstration of a Guided Meditation and how it can relax and encourage you and your body to begin to heal. 

Both Doncaster

Lisa Perkins

Spiritual mediumship readings, tarot readings. Spiritual guidance & Counselling. 

Both Doncaster

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The Wiccan Lady - Louise Bloomer

The Wiccan Lady sells pagan and witchcraft items as well as handmade and decorated besoms. Louise is also a qualified teacher who specialises in Pagan courses and holistic therapies, all of which can be found on her website. 

2nd Doncaster

Pam Shield

Pam Shield - I'm a psychic medium and healer providing confidential one-to-one Tarot readings and Spiritual guidance. I work with my Spirit guides to provide readings about the here and now, offering insight into situations that surround you and helping you to see your way forward. 

All except 1st Crewe and 1st Doncaster

Evening 2nd Ilkeston


Mystic Mike James

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant and offer accurate and intuitive tarot readings. Through connection with my spirit guides I share messages that connect with your innermost self, delivered in a non-judgemental, ethical, and safe way. I can help you gain understanding of key issues in your life, giving you clarity, peace and closure 

1st Crewe Both Stoke

Druzy Moonz - Natasha Oliver

DruzyMoonz offers positivity in abundance. We have extraordinary, rare and unusual gifts for sale, with a love for crystals and their healing properties, we're sure there is something for everyone. 

Both Mansfield Both Doncaster


Magikal Echoes with Niki Swinson

The sweary crystal lady offers sweary and sarcastic pictures, crystal grids, sweary affirmation hoodies, sweary crystal sets and wish jars! Niki is a fully qualified crystal therapist and Reiki master. She also offers workshops, trainings and has over 13 ebooks available. Niki also founded the Woo Woo Business Network where gatherings can be found around the UK 

Crewe Feb

Pat Pitt Psychic

I am an intuitive card reader, medium and therapist. We can all feel stuck in our lives or may need some guidance to help clear the fog from our minds and obtain clarity. My passion is to help people reach their potential whether it is through a card reading or a connection with a loved one who has passed over. My focus has always been to keep it simple, and to empower the person I am connecting so they can move forward in a positive way. 

Doncaster 23 Nov 24

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Patricia Brooks - Psychic medium

Patricia Brooks is an established psychic/medium of some 50 years and has travelled to many areas of the globe with her amazing gift. Her consultations are truly amazing, accurate and extremely enjoyable. You will leave her stand feeling lighter, happier and very much more to us than meets the eye. 0746471801

All Events

Peter Loy - The Pagan Psychic

Pagan Psychic readings offer insight, vision, and guidance to help navigate challenges and pathways through life, be it the mundane or spiritual concerns. I can help you in divining a path through personal challenges, to help realise and achieve your goals. 

Both Crewe Both Stoke Both Doncaster

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Rebecca Stretton - Medium

Rebecca Stretton offers spiritual card readings to guide and offer insight with love and compassion

Day All except Both Trowell and 2nd Mansfield

Evening 1st Mansfield

The Broom Closet

Crystals, tarot cards, dream catchers,
incense, metaphysical items, ornaments, metaphysical and crystal jewellery, sage, runes, pendulums,
broomsticks, alter

Day All except Both Trowell and 2nd Mansfield

Evening 1st Mansfield


Gentle Touch Therapies

Laughter Yoga! - The best way to get fit and keep healthy! "Laughter is the Best Medicine" and we now have scientific & medical proof that this is so. Come and see us for details of this unique concept and its health benefits 

All Doncaster Crewe July 24

Crystal Suncatchers by Shanita

Hand crafted crystal prism suncatchers in various shapes, sizes and colours. Angel wing feather suncatchers, crystal keyrings. Small guardian angels and semi precious stretch bracelets that are combined with crystal glass beads. 

Both Doncaster


Simon Goodfellow - Medium

Simon Goodfellow prides himself on having strong ethical values & beliefs in his Spiritual calling. His reputation over the past 21 years hopefully speaks for itself. Book your one to one reading contact Dave Mob: 07894 091702 

Crewe July 24

Retro Spirit Oracle

I started my spiritual art business during lockdown 2020. I hand painted and created my first oracle deck Retro Spirit Oracle Guidance cards, made in the UK. I also paint art commissions of loved ones in spirit and here on earth, people and pet portraits, greetings cards & art prints.

Both Belper


Natural Touch Therapies

Natural Touch offers tailer made treatments to aid the bodies natural healing. 

Both Doncaster

Simply Spiritual Healing

Hand crafted crystal prism suncatchers in various shapes, sizes and colours. Angel wing feather suncatchers, crystal keyrings. Small guardian angels and semi precious stretch bracelets that are combined with crystal glass beads. 

Doncaster 23


Witchy Closet

Selling handmade clothes, ethically sourced from India. Lots of new winter stock including jackets, shawls and trousers.

Don 23

Be Natural Yorkshire - Tanith Wilson - Spiritual Medium

People come to me for a reading because they are worried about a situation, their future, or they have a serious decision to make and want reassurance they are on the right path to their best life. Having an intuitive reading with me will help you find the answers and empower you to take control of your life’s direction. During your reading with me you will see where you’ve been, where you are now, together with the path that you are currently on. With this new information, you have the chance to take note and change it if you don’t like it or have renewed confidence and reassurance that you can do it – that you are on the right path. 

Both Mansfield Both Crewe 1st Doncaster

Tanith photo March 2023 (1).webp

Moon Soul Magic

Unique printed clothing and accessories and mosaics to infuse soulful inspiration into everyday life. Sip from beautiful mugs or enjoy aromatic lavender bags, bringing tranquillity and soulful essence to your space.

Both Mansfield Both Belper 2nd Trowell Both Doncaster February Crewe

Evening 1st Mansfield

Moonsea Divination and Gyftware

I have believed that there is something else out there for as long as I can remember. So I began to explore my spirituality and my pagan beliefs and discovered so many things about myself. I discovered that my anxieties were as a result of me having intuition about things that were not physically there, but spiritually. I purchased a pack of tarot cards, and fell in love with them. I have been given a pack of them too, but they do not connect with me. The cards I have help me feel connected to my spirituality and so I take them everywhere with me. When I don't have them, I feel like I've forgotten to put underwear on! I believe I have an intuition and gift that I want to share with the world, in order to help you discover aspects of yourself, and also be a part of my spiritual quest to discover what else is out there! 

April 24 Doncaster 

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